Monday, June 21, 2010

Eclipse Character Texture

One of the best textures I've made so far. The psd is over 300mb left. I remember being so frustrated because the file took 5mn to save or open. But im really happy with the results.

The texture job was made for the mod Eclipse.

model by Jarrod Hollar.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Comprehensive Look at Environment Modeling and Texturing for Video Games

Its finally here! "A Comprehensive Look at Environment Modeling and Texturing for Video Games" This video is aimed for people who are already familiar with basic modeling in 3DS Max, familiar with the UI of photoshop, and are looking to learn about the pipeline environment artists use in the industry. Part I of this tut (link bellow) goes through high/low poly modeling, unwrapping, and baking. Part II of this tutorial will go over some texturing techniques as well as ways to fix and perfect your baking. This tutorial could also be helpful to advanced 3D Artists seeking to further there skills by observing another artists work structure. By the end of this tutorial, users should be familiar with the Environment Art pipeline and should be ready to tackle more advanced modeling and texturing jobs.

Part 1
AO Baking Fix
Part 2

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Industrial Locomotive

This model took me a little over a week to complete. The design was based off of several photographs I found online. My goal was to accurately model as much detail as possible without making the surfaces look clustered.


It occurred to me that there is nothing in my portfolio that illustrates my knowledge in baking normals from high poly models. Bellow is the WIP for the low poly model of the train above. Keep in mind, this is a WIP, and does not represent the final quality.

Low Poly wth Normals #1

Low Poly wth Normals #2

Texture WIP (Please excuse the lack of anisotropic filtering. This was rendered in the viewport.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rocket Engine

This rocket engine was originally designed to be mounted on either side of a drop-ship. However, I have yet to design one I like. I'll find one... eventually.

Older Work

This post lists some of my older works.

Submarine Door
Blood Test Unit

Halo Grunt Head Texture
Jungle Cabin
Ceiling Tile
Data Crate
Metal Block
Character Attempt
Cliff Texture
Halo Forerunner Tile